Case Study

Knowledge Management System [SAIL]

Knowledge management system with its database consisting of details of equipment capability, test methods, references and expertise of individuals is introduced in RDCIS laboratories through existing wide spread LAN on windows NT platform. Being an R&D organization, both codification and personalization strategies were adopted carefully to reuse and share the knowledge efficiently. This involves capturing of inherent knowledge and storing it in a web based hyperlinked information system so that it can be retrieved whenever and wherever needed. a two layer KM platform, based on distributed interNet Application of Microsoft has been designed and implemented successfully for this purpose. Significant improvement has been noticed in effective utilization of equipment potential through systematic approach of knowledge sharing beside continuous enrichment of data bank.

The main purpose of KMS in RDCIS was to codify, store and disseminate information about laboratory equipment facilities and support sharing of knowledge resources in respective fields which have been built through years of R&D experience. Both codification and Personalization strategies were adopted in designing the basic structure of KMS. In codification strategy the knowledge or information is codified using standard document preparation software and stored in databases, where it can be accessed and used easily by anyone in the organization, whereas in personalization strategy, the knowledge is closely tied to the person who developed it and is shared mainly through direct person- to person contacts. Merits and demerits of these strategies were carefully examined before design8ing the KMS model and has been accomplished through a sequence of activities which encompasses:

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