About Us

Horizon IT Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider in Software Development and implementing its services to the India’s finest organizations. It provides a complete end-to-end solution for the technology driven business transformation initiatives. Today, global sourcing is an accepted and thriving business model, and organizations are increasingly capitalizing on the advantages it offers. HITCS Pvt. Ltd. combines world-class technologies and services with its technical expertise. Our ability to bundle services brings integrated sourcing to our clients, ensuring that they will get the right mix of technology and services appropriate to their requirements.

Our Team is dedicated to feed all digital & IT need for its clients. We have grown more than three times in last year. We surpass not only the expectations of our clients but sometimes ours also. In the field of Software Development we are on the top in Jharkhand and fully committed for our services to more than our five dozen clients. Our clients enjoy in working with us.

The company is established in Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand (India). HITCS Pvt. Ltd. is a premier software development organization, delivering client-server solution, standalone application, data conversion, web based software solutions, website designing, which are promoted by our experienced, young and self-motivated software developers. We are one of the best providers of professional web solutions software in India which are offering multimedia solutions, interactive product demos, IT consulting services, software development, search engine optimization and custom software development.

We provide solutions that match your budget and schedule so that you cut time to market. Hundred of satisfied clients have come to trust and depend on HITCS Pvt. Ltd. to deliver its solutions they need to move their business forward with confidence.